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The school opened on 1 February 1928 with 56 pupils and a staff of 3 including the Principal, Mr E.H. Wade. It was known as the North Ridge Government School. Later in the year, a fourth teacher joined the staff so that the 8 standards could be split at the rate of two per staff member. By 1941 the roll had risen to 135 and the staff had increased to 6. In this year the school cadet detachment was rated the smartest of all the Junior detachments in Natal.


In 1942, the Std. VI boys under the guidance of the Principal, built blast walls and a shelter for protection in the event of an air raid. The roll had risen to 201 and each standard now had their own teacher, but there were only 5 classrooms! Two years later, 4 new classrooms had been added so that classes no longer had to be accommodated on the corridors.


In 1945 E. Nutman was the top scholar in the Natal Std. VI examination and he was awarded a bursary of £25 per annum for his high school career. In 1950 the Principal noted in the log book that £180 3s 2½d had been raised at the Fête and that probably compares favourably with the buying power of the R14 000 raised at our 1988 Fête! In 1948 the school's first Annual Athletics Sports Day was held at Hoy Park.


By 1952 the school was known as the Morningside Government School and in this year 2 further classrooms were added. The Mayor and Mayoress of Durban attended the Coronation Celebrations at the school on 3 June 1953 and the trees on either side of our main steps were planted to commemorate the occasion.


By 1953 the enrolment had reached 310 and during this year the grounds were terraced to resemble the way they are at present.


In 1957 the present tennis courts and main field pavilion were built and in the following year most of the trees which cover our various banks with shade were planted.


By 1960 the enrolment had reached 407 which is very similar to our present situation. During this year the new wing on the southern side of the building was completed.


1966 was the first year in which there was no standard 6 class. During 1968 the 3 storeyed  block, topped by the media centre, was built.


In 1981, there were two major additions to the school. Firstly, the school hallwas built, followed  closely by the building of the swimming pool. The hall was later named after Mr R.E. Brandon who died in 1980 while serving as Principal of the school.


In 1982 the school held its first annual swimming gala. In 1985 the school established a computer centre which now holds 15 computers with colour monitors, disk drives and a printer.


The school celebrated its 60th birthday at a morning assembly on 1 February 1988 attended by Mr N.H.J Nel who was on the first staff of the school. Mr Nel, who is a youthful 83 years old, had a twinkle in his eye as he declared the day a ‘’half day’’!                                             


In 1994 the school became fully integrated according to National Policy. What followed was a series of educational systems which frustrated teachers immensely. Outcomes Based Education was introduced in 1997 and then revised a number of times. Finally in 2010, CAPS or Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements was implemented.


In 2001, the Principal Mr R.C.B O’Neill who had served in office for twenty years retired. Mrs M. Tunguy Desmarais was appointed as principal and became the first female principal thus far of Morningside Primary School. Mrs Tunguy Desmarais joined the staff in 1978 and had an accomplished career first as a teacher, then head of department, deputy principal and finally principal.


Mrs Tunguy Desmarais retired in 2009 and Mr D. Friedrichs took over as Acting Principal until his official appointment in 2011. The last fifteen years have seen significant developments to the school. Additional classrooms were created from the existing ones, a new staffroom and changeroom was built, awnings were erected over the stands and playground, a drive through and drop off area for parents was created at the lower gate, every classroom was fitted with air conditioning, the entrance was landscaped and in 2018 three new classrooms were built.